• Image of Back-catalog Vault Sale
  • Image of Back-catalog Vault Sale

since near the start of the label we always kept aside a couple of copies of every release in case of lost parcels, faulty tapes, etc. our physical office space will be moving soon, so we want to pass these cassettes on to you. everything is 1-3 copies remaining. the higher prices of the larger items is inclusive of the extra shipping costs. excessive overcharges of shipping will be refunded once orders are sent.

limited copies from the vault:

venus receiver - 'madame violet continuing mission' CS [RULE-015]

deterge - 'substrate catalyzation' CS [RULE-017]

rvh - 'worlds without time' CS [RULE-018]

heather - 'grey moment' CS [RULE-020]

wounder - 'youth will thunder' CS [RULE-023]

cremation lily - 'age of consent' 2xCS [RULE-028] 16 copies made, 15 sold, 1 kept aside. includes 2 cassette tapes, insert + lyrics sheet housed inside an envelope with artwork. does not include a condom, which came with some copies of this release.

reactive identity - 'culture confusion' CS [RULE-030]

rvh - 'vacuum valediction' CS [RULE-036]

natural assembly - 'arms of departure' CS [RULE-042]

reactive identity - 'enemies blood' CS [RULE-046]

white crescent - 'from whose womb came' CS [RULE-047]

streetmeat - 'hell is my home' CS [RULE-057]

cremation lily & false moniker - 'the treasury painted roof' CS [RULE-062]
housed inside large sturdy black envelope with full art, tape, inserts, incense and cross.

false moniker - 'dead end/no rest' CS [RULE-077]

cremation lily - 'lines of golden light' 5xCS [RULE-079] 5 cassette singles housed inside a large presentation box with wrap around artwork + insert, full colour 16 page booklet + coastal debris.

cremation lily & false moniker - 'opalcescent blue' CS + zine [RULE-094] tape and full colour zine sealed together in protective sleeve.

v. sinclair - 'vignettes of intimate reflection' 3xCS [RULE-101]

cremation lily - 'white guard' 2xCS [WX01] original double tape hand-numbered edition of 24. comes in a large box with full artwork, insert, large poster, 16 page lyrics/collage zine + prayer aids. will be freshly dedicated to the new owner.

cremation lily & false moniker - 'exhibition mixtape' CS edition of 22, only available at the 2015 'the storms of summer' art exhibit + performance. comes with texts from the show.

cremation lily - 'lorient shield' CS [total black] special edition of 15 housed inside screen printed leather sleeve.