• Image of Cremation Lily - 'The Processes and Instruments of Normal People...' 2xCS [RULE-140]

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Cremation Lily's earliest journeys through the many facets of industrial and ambient music have all lead up to the intimate, inward nature of Zen Zsigos work in recent years. Considered by the artist to be his first cohesive full-length, 'The Processes..' marks a distinct high mark for Cremation Lily, fittingly presented on double-cassette. The washed up, tape-spliced and saturated ambient techno of his late 2015 debut on Opal Tapes make a return, alongside sweeping organic acoustic instrumentation by way of piano and violin.

Cremation Lily is constantly trying and failing to find meaning in everyday isolation and holding memories in glimpses of romance.

edition of 100
mastered by stephen bishop.